Help! Waxing Lifted My Skin: 5 Tips for Healing Lifted Skin

You went in for an eyebrow wax, and came out with torn skin.  The esthetician lifted skin, here’s how to deal.

It’s happened to many of us, a wax winds up as a wound, and instead of embarrassing hair you have to hide embarrassing scabs, peeling and redness.  Worst of all, lifted skin hurts!

This week, I made the ultimate mistake and waxed, despite the fact that I’m using a retinol cream.  Below are the remnants of a very embarrassing week of flaking skin.

Lifted Eyebrow Skin

My very sad, lifted eyebrow.


If you’ve suffered a similar fate due to extra hot wax, wax that was too cold, sensitive skin or waxing when using retinol, here are 5 tips to speed up healing lifted skin!

healing lifted skin

  1. Avoid exfoliating products until skin starts to really peel.  While scabs form and skin begins to heal, scrubs, retinol, and acne products are too harsh, so give your skin a break.

2. Apply antibiotic ointment.  A little Neosporin will help prevent infection and soothe the wound.

3. Apply facial oil to rebalance skin, prevent infection, and speed healing.  Both argan oil and jojoba oil have a chemical makeup close to skin’s natural oil, making them a perfect choice hydrate skin and increase your germ barrier.  I like to apply argan oil at night on my lifted skin (or my whole face).  It takes a while to soak in, but the next day you’ll feel like you have a whole new face.

4. Wear sun protection.  If you have to show your face in public while your skin heals make sure you’re wearing sunglasses, plenty of sunscreen, and even a hat.  The sensitive, raw skin will burn faster than normal.

5. Exfoliate when the time is right.  Once the pain has stopped and the peeling is in full swing, it’s okay to exfoliate.  Try a gentle scrub, but hold off on the acne wash, retinol, and glycolic acid for at least a week to let your skin recover.

Luckily, your skin is your biggest organ and regenerates in a flash, so take a few days, lay low, and your skin will be good as new.

Now, avoid waxing mistakes in the future.

Here’s a video for a DIY wax that won’t lift your skin!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




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