Popping Pupils: Eyecolor That Makes and Impact

Eye shadow is a tricky beast; there is a fine line between fashion plate and trashion diaster when it comes to colored shadows. So, keep these few tips in mind when selecting a color.

For blue eyes, orange colors will make your eyes pop. (Orange and blue are complementary colors!)

Try gold, brown with orange undertones, peach, copper, and taupe.

Green eyes are accentuated by their complementary color, red.

To avoid looking diseased with a pure red pigment, try pink, mauve plumb, and a red purple.

Brown eyes are neutral, so they can rock any color! (To think I used to think brown was boring!)

For contrast that’s classy look for greens, blues, greys, and silvers.

Just remember, that at first, it’s best to play it safe, and always apply in excellent lighting to avoid a trashion disaster.

Happy coloring!

peace. love. and bobby pins.


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