Covergirl Review: Liner and Lashes


This week’s post is courtesy of my friends of Influenster, a fantastic side for product samples for review.  If you’re a cosmetic lover and enjoy trying new stuff, I highly recommend applying. This week they sent along the new Covergirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner and Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers mascara.


Here are my thoughts:

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner


Goes on smoothly, and comes with a blender, perfect for those less skilled at eyeliner application.  Unlike most retractable liners, the pigment is square instead of round, allowing for a thinner line.  This is great for people who don’t want to accidentally look like they are reliving The Craft.


This is not an eyeliner that will stay on through a workout or through a serious night at the club.  I’d recommend it for those who want a soft look, and anyone who likes priming their eyelid first.  It’s not the perfect liner for cat eyes or your waterline, but I think Covergirl knows that already.

Super Sizer Fibers mascara

Perks: I love how slim the applicator is.  This prevents you from pumping too much air into the mascara tube and drying it out.  Way to go Covergirl!  The Super Size title is no joke, this mascara rivals fake lashes.  It goes on smoothly, and doesn’t flake as much as other Covergirl mascaras I’ve tried.  In the non waterproof variety, it removed very easily, preventing raccoon eyes.

I think it’s a great mascara for those who want some every day glamour.  But, if you want something more modest, it’s not for you.


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with both Covergirl products.  I won’t use them every day, but they will become staples in my makeup arsenal for those days I want bolder lashes and a smokey eye.

Thanks Influenster, for making me an easy breezy, beautiful Covergirl.

And, thank you for reading.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




What Happens When You Give up Routine


It happens to the best of us.  Work gets crazy.  Family comes to visit.  Depression sets in.  Whatever it is, life comes between you and your beauty routine.  At first, the feeling is overwhelming, but the longer you go, the more guilt you feel over shirking your personal responsibility.  Sound familiar?

Skipping your routine isn’t the end of the world.  Here’s what really happens.


  1. Forgetting face wash.

Forgetting to wash your face is classic.  You drank too much or stayed up too late working.  You tell yourself one day won’t hurt your skin or your routine.  Well, here’s the truth.  One of our largest organ’s many functions is to excrete waste in the form of sweat and oil.  So, in a sense your skin will do a little self-cleaning.  It does, however, need your help removing makeup and environmental debris.  Skipping one day won’t lead to acne breakouts, just don’t make it a habit.  More importantly, change your pillowcase after you’ve slept in makeup, otherwise your face washing routine is a waste.

2. Forgoing the toothbrush.

It’s gross, but we’ve all done it.  Sometimes were in too big a hurry, or our roommates are in the bathroom so our teeth get ignored.  Here’s the good news–it takes an average of two days for calculus–the white buildup that dental hygienist have to remove–to settle in, so one day isn’t going to ruin your perfect smile.

3. Taking a makeup break.

Is resting your skin for a day really worth it?  It’s better for your self-esteem to remember, during the day, what you look like without makeup.  If the rest of your routine is on point (cleansing and moisturizing) then choosing to wear or not wear makeup makes no difference.

4. Skipping sunscreen.

Just don’t.  It’s stupid.  Keep some in your bag, on your desk, or in your car.  UV rays don’t get lazy, neither should you.

These are just a few routines that are easy to forgo for a day or two.  Don’t beat yourself up about it, tomorrow is a new day.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Problematic Parabens


The amount of ingredients we shouldn’t put on our face is absurd.  It brings back fond memories of the diet trends of my childhood.  “Only  eat non-fat foods!”  Wait! “Only eat low sugar foods!”  “Coconut oil is bad.  Coconut oil is good!”  Keep up with the trends is exhausting, and the same thing is happening to the beauty industry.

Parabens are on of the latest “no” ingredients in cosmetics, and here’s why.


Parabens are a preservative.  While preservatives may get a bad wrap, we need them, otherwise we’re replacing our cosmetics every few weeks or suffering from pink eye. But, the downside of this little preservative is that while it kills bacteria and fungus, it also disrupts the endocrine system.

The least talked about system, the endocrine is a compilation of glands that regulate hormones, metabolism, libido, and mood.  It’s may not be as prominent as the skeletal or digestive system, but it’s regulates your menstrual cycle, keeps you thin, and controls depression.  It’s a system you don’t want to mess with.

For some, parabens don’t just disrupt hormones, they also cause allergies.  These could range from a rash to full blown perioral dermatitis, (the least attractive skin condition I’ve ever had.) Either way, this stuff will can mess with your estrogen levels making those who already suffer from hormone related skin problems (acne) less likely to have clear skin.


So, It’s time to embrace a paraben free life. Here’s how:

  1. Check your body products–face wash, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste.  If it’s got parabens, toss it.
  2. Look into paraben free makeup lines. My favorites are Tarte and Physicians Formula. Both are excellent lines for mascara, bronzer, and foundation.
  3. Read all your ingredients. And if you’re not quite ready to part with all the parabens, ween yourself off.  Reducing is use is better than nothing!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Sunscreen: The Key to Adulthood


If you don’t wear sunscreen on a daily basis, you do not deserve to call yourself an adult.  If you are a child, listen up.

The simplest way to preserve skin heath and elasticity is by wearing sunscreen.

Global warming isn’t improving any time soon.  So whether you’re an indoor or outdoor guy or gal, not sunscreening every day is just about as stupid as not brushing your teeth.  You can live without teeth pretty easily these days, but skin cancer doesn’t always end well.

Aside from burning, peeling, and the unfortunate future of wrinkled skin, did you know sunscreen helps maintain your skin’s waterproof nature?

The body’s largest organ is waterproof.  Or at least water-resistant.  If it weren’t, a trip to the pool would leach your body of nutrients, and fill your organs with chlorine. Crazy!

So, how does sunscreen help keep skin waterproof?

Skin’s waterproof nature is created by humectants and emollients.

Humectants are water molecules that keep skin hydrated, supple, and firm.

Emollients are oil molecules that seal in moisture, keeping nutrients locked into skin cells.

So, what does any of this have to do with sunscreen?

Sunscreen helps replenish humectant and emollients that are lost to outdoor exercise, dehydration, sweat, and sun exposure.  Not only are you preventing sun damage, but you’re also helping support skin health!

Pretty cool, right?

So, if you’re lacking in SPF, here are some great sunscreens to try.


The perfect face sunblock,  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this light weight formula is great for every day.
My favorite spray sunscreen for full body, Alba Hawaiian Clear Spray is ideal.  It smells amazing.  Think tropical beverage, and goes on clear, so no strange white residue.  It’s also small enough to carry for those on the go.

And for those who need a mineral sunscreen free of parabens and other chemical sunblock ingredients, this Alba Mineral Sunscreen is the answer to your beach day prayers!

So, whether it’s a spray, a lotion, or a stick, get it together, and slather on the SPF.  It’s the simplest adulting you’ll do today.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Perfectly Posh: Pampering Skincare

perfectly posh

Recently, I had the opportunity to try some samples from Perfectly Posh.

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either.

Perfectly Posh is the Tupperware of skin care.

Like many Tupperware style companies, Perfectly Posh allows women to build their own small businesses selling Perfectly Posh products.

Their line features products for hair, hands and feet, body, bath, face, and even targeted men’s products.

For those less interested in taking the world over, one face mask at a time, Perfectly Posh sells their product line directly on their website.

Here’s some things I think are really great about this company:

  1. No animal testing.
  2. They use as few ingredients as possible. And you can pronounce them all!
  3. Products are made in the USA. Yay!
  4. They have a rewards program that is a million times better than Sephora’s.
  5. Their products rock.

This weekend, I started my evening with the Stripper Mud Mask.

Perfectly Posh

Not intended for use on face, I slathered my arms in this intense clay mask. It detoxed my pores flawlessly, leaving my skin silky smooth and glowing.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve partied a little too much lately, this is the body mask for you!

I followed it up with the Apricot Overnight Face mask, because my face needed a little love too.  I’ve become obsessed with overnight masks.  Who doesn’t want their skin care to work while they sleep!?

perfectly posh


The mask went on like a heavy moisturizer, absorbing in less than ten minutes.  The next morning, I washed it off with gentle cleanser, and my skin was soft, supple, and refreshed.  It couldn’t have been easier.

I have a few more samples to try this week, but as far as I’m concerned, Perfectly Posh is a company I’d order from any day of the week!

Thanks to Perfectly Posh rep, Tiffany, for introducing me to a whole new world of skin care! Check her out at @poshed4life on Instagram for deals and discounts!

Stay tuned for more Posh reviews soon!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins




The Perfect Deodorant

perfect deodorant

The quest for the perfect deodorant is never-ending.  Antiperspirants clog pores, and probably cause cancer.  Stick deodorants flake and cake on black clothes.  Natural deodorants leave you smelling like a hippie in less than an hour.

The need for perfect deodorant is one of my favorite first world problems.

So, here are my top three solutions for keeping pits in tip-top scent and shape.

  1. Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine is a classic brand when it comes to natural deodorant and toothpaste.  They have a bomb-ass mouth wash too.  The problem, however with their standard stick deodorant is that it won’t make it through a single yoga class or 9 am meeting.  Luckily, their long-lasting formula really takes the cake for natural deodorants that work.  The only down side?  Some folks (such as myself) develop and allergy to it, suffering from peeling armpits.

But, for the rest of the world, it’s a great price, comes in several light-weight scents, and gets the job done.

2. Lavanila Deodorant

Lavanila is a favorite of mine.  It’s a little pricer than Tom’s but worth the cost.  This stick is light weight and doesn’t leave unsightly residue.  Even better?  The vanilla scented variety makes your armpits smell like dessert.  It will get you through about 80 percent of the day, but the travel size variety fits in any purse for easy application on sweatier days.  Pick it up at Sephora, for 8 bucks!

My go-to scent is lavender.

3. Fat and the Moon Deodorant Cream

My latest obsession in armpit care is the amazing Fat and the Moon Deodorant Cream.  The tiny pot is made primarily of coconut oil and baking soda.  The combo works to neutralize odor and kill germs in a snap.  It has a faint scent–black pepper, tea tree, grapefruit, and clary sage all contribute to a light, airy scent that masks natural musk all day long.  To apply, rub a bit between your fingers, and then under your arm.  This may be the least conventional application method for deodorant, but this stuff won’t flake or cake, so it’s worth it!

best deodorant

I’d be willing to put any of these three to a day long sweat test, and you should too!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Makeup Can Revolutionize Your Wardrobe


Recently Frances McDormand said to me “A new tube of lipstick costs less than a new top.”  This blew my mind.  Most lipstick is a steal in comparison to clothing.

All your wardrobe needs is a new cosmetic.  Makeup is an accessory.


I spend so much time pairing shirts and tops, shoes and dresses, socks and handbags.  WHY?  I should be focusing on spending less on clothing, by spending a fraction of my wardrobe budget on speciality cosmetics.

A simple shade of red lipstick can revolutionize an outfit.  A new eyeshadow makes a greater impact than a new pair of shoes.

So, I’m vowing to skip the fast fashion, and spend smartly on interesting cosmetics.  And maybe the dollar-dollar bills I save can go to something worth while, like a mud bath in Iceland.

In the spirit of high impact accessories, here are some winners I believe are worth the investment:

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline now makes a seven dollar eyeshadow that claims 24 hour wear.  For a cream shadow it rarely creases, and really does last 24 hours.  Perfect for the party girl who likes spending Sunday brunch rocking last night’s eye makeup.  In a myriad of colors, it will make an impact on any eye or skin color.

MAC A Sprinkle of Magic Lipstick

While MAC’s lipsticks sit at a slightly higher price point than drugstore brands, they’re still less money than anything you’ll buy at Sephora.  Whether it’s the world’s greatest red lipstick Ruby Woo, or my current favorite A Sprinkle of Magic MAC is the investment you want to make.

NYX Colored Mascara

NYX is one of the many brands that sells colored mascara at the affordable price of seven bucks.  With just the right pop of subtle color, blue or purple mascara puts a little spice into any ensemble.  It’s also suitable at almost any age–so why not be an awesome 65-year-old with purple lashes?  Life is too short for boring eyelashes.

So, maybe you’ll join me in this vow to spend smartly, and accessorize smartly.  Best face forward.


Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Hair and Hormones: What’s the Deal


Hormones are responsible for many of our organs’ decisions.  They act as the messengers of the endocrine system, giving your body directions.  Unfortunately, they’re also responsible for hair thinning, loss, and change in texture.

Male hormones, aka androgen, are responsible for hair overgrowth.  This ranges from facial hair to a thicker, fuller head of hair.  Female hormones, aka estrogen, trigger hair loss as their levels drop.  Meaning if estrogen decreases, you’re likely to experience thinning hair.

How do we deal with these hormones?

Why does hair texture changes after pregnancy?  Consider the hormonal rollercoaster the body suffers during pregnancy and childbirth.  The hormone messengers get confused.   They tell your follicle “grow straight hair..I mean thicker hair..wait!  I meant baby fine hair she will never forgive her child for.”  Just like that you can go from perfectly love hair, to baby fine locks, because messages get mixed through hormonal imbalance.

The same communication mix-ups happen with the extended use of birth control.  Synthetic hormones bombarding your body with the message “congratulations, you’re pregnant” followed by “just kidding, this week!” are enough to drive the endocrine system mad.  Levels of estrogen and androgen fluctuate, disturbing your hair’s natural growth stages.  Matters get even worse after years of  synthesized hormones.

As soon as you stop the pill, patch, or ring, your body goes into shock.  The routine of synthetic estrogen waves is over, and your body has to wake up it’s own messengers to restore normal hair growth function.  Because the human body is by no means perfect, establishing normal hormone levels takes time.  You can expect a good 3-6 months of thinning hair, hair loss, and change in hair texture.  Hair will be dry and fuzzy, but have no fear, it will get better.

Here are some tips for dealing with hormone changes.

  1. Nourish hair from the inside out.  Vitamins including biotin or collagen will help your body grow healthier hair, regardless of hormone balance.
  2. Wash hair less.  The more you wash, the drier it gets.  The drier it gets, the less luster it will have, and the sadder you’ll be.
  3. Invest in a good hair oil.  Whether it’s argan, macadamia, or simple vitamin e, running a few drops of oil through the hair will help fortify, and increase shine.
  4. Don’t panic.  Stress triggers hair loss.  Treat your hair well, relax, and be patient.  Good hair comes to those who wait.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



False Lashes: The Key to Luxury

false lashes

People grow and evolve.  It’s human nature.  They go from suffering a great fear of public transportation, to taking the train, just for fun.  They grow from an addiction to lip products to a love for eye makeup.  In this particular case, false lashes were the gateway drug.

I recently did a play in which the lead actress wore false lashes to become “fancy.”  At first, I didn’t quite understand.

I was the kind of girl who wore glitter lashes for opening night parties, not delicate single lashes just to look prettier.   I also lived with an intense fear of people thinking I’m fake.  Need we revisit the time I wore hair extensions and suffered anxiety attacks that someone would scream “Her hair is fake”?  Bu,t of course, no one even noticed my hair wasn’t growing from my scalp.

Things change.  I got over my fear of public transportation, now I could get over my fear of judgement over false eyelashes.

I began with a mixed pack of cluster lashes.  They’re easier to apply than individuals and look a hell of a lot better than strip lashes.  Because I break all the rules, I bought black strip lash glue, rather than clear individual glue.  The strip glue has a higher viscosity, so It’s easier for beginners to use.  Unfortunately it can create little black blobs at the base of your lashes.  If you don’t have jet black lashes like I do, stop breaking all the rules and buy the right kind of glue.

For the first few days, I placed two lashes on the outer corners of each eye.  I must admit–I did feel a little fancier.  My eyes looked less tired.  More open to the possibility of a positive outlook.  Is that crazy?  Do false lashes have that power over the psyche?  I think they just might.

So, I went from just a couple lashes on each eye to half a dozen.  I suddenly felt I needed less makeup.  I could dress more casually.  My eyes really did scream “Hey my eyes are up here, buddy.”  And I loved it.

I wore fake lashes every day from the second to last day of December, to this past Sunday, when a coworker looked at me across the sunny patio, and said “are you wearing false lashes?”  I had no other makeup on.  A fancy deer in headlights, I took off the lashes for approximately 8 hours.  Then, Monday rolled around, and I thought to myself “Fuck it, I want to feel fancy.”

false lashes
A family of lashes, waiting for their next adventure.

So, the lashes and I have united forces once again.  Next time you feel like you need a little more fancy in your beauty routine, I can’t think of a more effective use of six dollars.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Olaplex: The Answer to Perfect Hair

Bacne is a Bitch-2

Over-processed hair is about as heart-breaking as a Nicholas Spark’s film. Everything started out okay. There was hope. For a moment you thought everything would work out perfectly. Then suddenly the main love interest is dead, and your hair is crumbling in your hands. Mistakes were made. But that’s okay. Dry your tears, dear friend. Olaplex is here.

Is Olaplex changing the world of hair color?

Thanks to advancements in science, Olaplex is revolutionizing the world of professional hair color.  Containing some secret chemistry magic, Olaplex is treatment that strengthens existing bonds, and repair broken ones.  This is major. Before Olaplex. there was no way to repair hair’s crucial disulfide bonds.  No one is quite sure how this secret potion works, but it’s silicone and oil free, and in all current testing, hair texture and strength improve with continued use.

So, naturally, I had to try it.


This salon/licensed professionals only product comes as a three party system.

No. 1–The Bond Multiplier is mixed with your hair color or bleach.  In my case it was mixed with Blondor Multi-Tone Bleach and 20vol developer for a root touchup.  Interestingly enough, the Olaplex caused the bleach to expand more than usual, and develop a putty like texture.  While odd, I managed to deal.

No. 2–Bond Perfector is used on rinsed, pre-shampooed hair that has just undergone the No. 1 treatment.  Despite the fact that only my new growth experienced the No. 1 treatment, I put the No. 2 on my whole head.  I washed my hair to find it felt like corn silk.  That was new.

No. 3–Hair Perfector is a once a week take home treatment in improve overall hair health.  So, if you go to a salon for Olaplex treatment, you too can take home this little bottle.  After a single week of use, I’m pretty sure my over-processed platinum is softer than my virgin hair has ever been.

What does this mean!?

I’m sold.  I think my blonde and I will be using Olaplex for a good, long time.  And I think you should too.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.